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I need a VA, now what? - The process behind finding the perfect VA!

August 26, 2022

I need a VA, now what? - The process behind finding the perfect VA!
What type of VAs are out there?
How to identify what type of VA do I need?
Where do I find a good VA?
How do I know if she is a good fit?
What is the actual process?

All these questions along with fun and insightful conversations are here for you in this episode.

Agnes is an OBM, VA MatchMaker and founder of the Funnel-Freedom Foundation Boutique & the Content Repurposing University. Her superpower is to map out & build funnels, beating overwhelm with well organised tasks, easy to follow, semi-automated, step by step trello boards, which take out the guesswork from the equation and allow people to focus on what’s important right now.

She speaks 3 languages, location independent since 2014, lived in 4+ countries, she moved 19+ times and planning the next one already. She is passionate about closing the gap in the online freelancing industry between VA's and online business owners, to make the industry less of a wild wild west and more of a space where we make growing our businesses together fun and easy!



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